What is reseller web hosting and how it benefits to resellers?

Reseller web hosting is the type of hosting where owners host websites of third parties on their allotted bandwidth and hard drive space. In this form of hosting, the reseller buys the web host’s services in wholesale and sells them to others for a profit. The elements of a web hosting operation is operated by the reseller using infrastructure, services and devices given by another web hosting service. Web hosting services are sold to third parties by resellers using the resources of other web hosting companies. Dedicated reseller control panels are used to manage hosting accounts over the server and resellers seamlessly handle their business through the control panels.

Resellers that do hosting business can be divided into many types;

Sales agents

This type of resellers acts as sales agents for the web hosting company. They advertise different hosting services and products as products and services offered by the hosting company.  It is typical affiliate marketing where the reseller is paid on the basis of the referrals made towards the web hosting company’s website. Interested customers can purchase products directly from the web hosting company’s website and the reseller will get a commission only the customer mention his name or ID allotted to them by the web hosting company.

Resellers that rebrand products and services

This form of resellers rebrands products and services and appears in their own right. Here, resellers manage sales and support however, he rebrands the products and services of the web hosting company. He buys web space from the original web hosting company at wholesale price and sells the space to customer at retail cost. Customers contact resellers for support and do not know that he is not the actual web hosting company. Resellers actually run a successful web hosting company at the rear of the infrastructure of the original web hosting company.


Resellers also act as marketers for the web hosting company. They advertise and market products and services of the web hosting company as their own. Though customers buy the services from the reseller, support process and order fulfillment is offered by the original web hosting company.

Compare different reseller companies

It is good to compare different web hosting companies, so you can get the idea about the variations in beginning costs. Generally the web hosting companies’ websites display highest wholesale price for .com domains and it will reduce with quantity purchases. Customers have to visit many company websites to get more information about offerings at each domain name or hosting reseller program. Since a variety of deals are offered, you have to do a thorough research before finalizing your choice. Choose the right one because it influences the success or failure with your reseller business. So, choose the most trusted company that has a good reputation in service uptime and customer support.

Scope of reseller of domains and hosting

Reseller hosting offers a lot of obvious benefits to persons who do reseller business. Some of them include the following;

  • Large capital expense is not required
  • Facility to rebrand all plans and services in your own company name
  • You can make success from others hard work
  • A chance to join the multi-billion dollar business, which is flourishing day by day.

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