The Importance of Music at Corporate Events

Whilst music at corporate events is important, it is perhaps even more pressing to choose the right kind. A miscalculated brass band at an intimate business pitch could squander any chances you had of being taken seriously. Likewise, an acapella opera singer for your company’s Christmas party, could leave every employee scrambling for the nearest exit sign.


In this article, we hope to make your selection easier, more informed and also to provide some options for whichever kind of event you may be planning.


A good starting point would be to do some research into booking agencies. With each company specialising in different spheres, their agents can recommend a plethora of acts and arrange all the negotiations that might go into these kind of events. For example, MN2S are one of the world’s leading booking agencies and management services; with a whole host of different acts under their roster, they will be able to tailor the right act to your event.


Visit their Contact Page for more advice.


Celebrity DJs are always a favourite for office Christmas parties, or the company’s annual shindig. MN2S’s roster boasts DJs like Kid Creole, Patsy Palmer and even The Original Stig DJ.


Should this kind of music prove too informal, MN2S’s roster offers more upmarket acts, like Tony Hadley. Since his divergence from Spandau Ballet, Hadley’s career has taken a focus on radio presenting, orchestral concerts and suave swing albums. All things considered, an artist like this would be a professional host and a smart choice for the slightly more formal or intimate event.


Whether it be a company party with drinks and food, or even a more serious corporate event, the right choice of music is key to determining the success of the event.


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