The Benefits of a PAT Certified Team Member

As a business owner it is important that you regularly ensure that all of the electrical appliances that your business has are working properly and are safe to use, and this is established through something called portable appliance testing (PAT). When an appliance passes the test it will get approved by having a sticker put on it stating its safety, and as well as this there will also be a certificate with details of the test to go along side it. It is important that these tests are carried out on a regular basis, and this is because of the fact that electrical appliances can become faulty very easily, and this could result in them being unsafe to use by your employees.


Portable appliance testing should be carried out by someone that is PAT certified, and this will either see you having to call out a qualified electrical engineer, or alternatively you could get one of your members of staff certified and then have them carry out the tests, and you may find the latter the easier option. As well as having a staff member carry out the tests, it is equally important that you keep a record of the tests and the subsequent certificates, as this way you can show that you are actively ensuring the safety of all of your appliances, and in turn this means that you are looking out for the safety of your staff too.


Testing Equipment and Different Classes

Once you have a member of your team PAT certified you will need to supply them with the right tools for the job, and you can get these from portable appliance safety specialists, like Tester. With this they will be able to carry out all the testing, and you will find that there are three different classes of electrical appliance, each with their own set of protocols. The first class you will find anything connected to the mains, and this will include computers, televisions, heaters and more, whilst the second class contains items with double insulation and no exposed metal, and finally the third class will be appliances that work off of less than 50v AC, like mobile phones.


You can clearly see the importance of portable appliance testing and why it needs to be carried out regularly, and the best way for your company to do this is through getting a staff member certified.

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