Run Your Business Better

If you’re running a business, you must familiar with the overriding urge to always do better. The find ways to be more efficient, save money, sell more products, find more customers and open new markets for your sales team to work with.

It’s exhausting – the pressure on founders and CEOs is immense, and can lead to burn out, anxiety and depression. The pressure doesn’t let up though. If your ambition for your business is simply to remain stable, you still have to be chasing improvements and finding ways to triumph over the competition. Standing still means falling behind, your share of the market eroded and eaten into by competitors who are putting their time and energy into innovation and growth.

Today we’re offering a few hints and tips that will help you run your business better, and keep you progressing forward and making the gains you need to succeed.

Forget Warehousing: Get into Storage

If you’re running a retail business, you’ll be familiar with busy periods and quiet times. They vary from business to business – one might be rushed off their feet through the summer months and tick over through the winter, while another hangs on all year for Christmas, when it takes six month’s worth of revenue in six weeks – but they all mean your need for storage goes up and down through the year.

It doesn’t make sense to pay a fixed amount for warehouse space if for half the year it’s half empty, and half the year it’s overfull! Small businesses have a found a way to save money by using self-storage units rather than traditional warehouses. Finding one that’s friendly to businesses means you pay less, and can move from unit to unit at short notice to fit the amount of space you’re paying for to your needs at the time, not your guess at them from two years in the past! Click here to find out more.

Cut Out Your High Street Lawyer

If you’re running a business, you’re going to need legal advice. What you’re not going to need is a high street lawyer. They can give you the information and advice you need, but you need to take time out of your schedule to meet them when they say, and pay for a full hour of consultation when all you need is to get some contracts checked.

Try the newer breed of online lawyers. They offer solutions when you need them, and while there are lots of different packages to choose from, you can pay only for what you actually have done! This saves money, and time, and means you don’t have to miss a whole afternoon in the office to get a legal rubber stamp on something simple!

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