Is Your Small Business Ready for an HR Department?

When you’re running a small business, nothing is as important as saving money – and putting as much as possible back into growing the company. If you’ve been the captain of the ship, wearing nearly every hat for decades – you’re probably just starting to grow a staff of employees that have become large enough for you not to manage personally. One of the most apparent examples of this in most fast growing small businesses is hiring. As you start to hire managers, and they get too busy to hire people – you’ll start wondering if it’s the right time to hire an HR department? In this article, we’ll investigate some of the benefits and drawbacks – and let you decide if creating an HR team is the right move for you.


Signs of Need for HR

You may think having an HR team on staff is a waste of money – you don’t even hire that frequently, and the rest of the time, they’re just sitting around, right? Well, if you’ve experiences some bad debacles in your company in its history, you might find there’s more of a need than you think. Revisit some of the worst employees that your company has ever hired – and ask yourself how much background checking was really done on them and their employment history. Have you ever had someone fired, and they’ve returned to sue your company for wrongful termination? All of these things can be avoided with the detailed devotion that an HR team can give – that these are their responsibilities; and not the everyday business workings your company deals with most of the time.

Creating an HR Staff from Square One

If you’ve never hired HR representatives, the first thing you’re really going to need to do is get a template of their responsibilities and duties. There are companies that specialize in outsourced HR and hiring management – and these same companies will come into yours and analyze the specific needs you have. After they’ve written a great plan, they’ll even hire the first HR managers for you – and oversee their progress for the first several months of their employment – coaching you on how to oversee the people who oversee your people! If you think you’re savvy to create your own HR team from scratch, go for it – but at least to the research to make sure that your team won’t fall into the same traps you’re trying to avoid by hiring them in the first place. It’s essential to understand that a good HR team is nothing easy to create – but it’s easier than going on forever without one!

The Best People for HR

Human Resources is an interesting and challenging field. It requires a certain objectivity, and servitude of the company line – while at the same time requiring a warmth that will attract people to want to work for your company – and a cold shrewdness that will make the difficult calls when they need to be made. Most of the best HR mangers have been in HR for the vast majority of their careers, and already have a keen and innate sense of what this means, and how to execute on it. This is where the resume combing is going to come in handy. When you’ve hired your HR staff, more than anyone else in your company you need to set them up with a set of personalized business cards that they can hand out wherever they go – in order to attract good applicants to your company. The best HR reps are “always on”, because they know the work at your company is constantly evolving – and never done.


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