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Crown Oil UK Help Present Solar Ovens in Africa

Something positive has to be done to counterbalance the damaging effects of red diesel to the environment. Crown Oil a fuel supplier with over 65 years’ experience has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading carbon counterbalancing providers. Red diesel that is completely carbon offset is now being supplied by the oil supplier. Red diesel generates carbon discharges which are damaging to the air. The oil can legally only be used by businesses who drive off-road cars and gear, e.g. tractors and JCBs. Crown Oil UK similarly supply a selection of lubricants and oils, as well as heating oil to domestic customers. They are based in Greater Manchester.

Crown Oil UKCarbon offset red diesel and normal red diesel are exactly the same. However, the profits of carbon offset red diesel are used to purchase carbon credits which are then used to reduce carbon all over the world. So no additional profit is made by Crown Oil when they sell carbon offset red diesel. So far the profits have been spent on developing environmentally friendly fuels and engine equipment as well as carbon catching and re-forestation schemes.

However, the money has also been spent on developing solar powered ovens in Africa. In 2011, a team of Crown Oil employees scaled Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for a local charity and witnessed first-hand the terrible conditions that many people across the continent live in.

Cookers in Africa are traditionally powered by wood. However, this method produces a lot of smoke and anyone that inhales it can die. This problem and deforestation have now been combated thanks to the solar powered ovens. So the cookers are saving lives as well as being kind to the environment.

Crown Oil UK has been delivering fuel, lubricants and greases across Britain since 1947.

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