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BIC® Education Solution Proves the Company Is a Leader in the Classroom for Both BIC Promotional Pens and Instructional Software

In March 2012, in collaboration with Intel, the legendary pen manufacturer BIC announced the launch of BIC® Education, a next-generation digital educational solution for schools. The France-based manufacturer is recognized around the world for its iconic promotional pens, pencils and other schoolroom supplies. 

BIC PensFor centuries, BIC promotional pens have been an ever-present necessity in schoolrooms and office settings alike. Now, BIC has taken its leadership to another level in the classroom. No longer content with just being the largest manufacturer of promo pens, BIC has taken its iconic writing instruments to the digital stage.

BIC Education is an innovative educational solution for primary schools that combines pen man ship with digital technology. The company doled out interactive digital tablets with matching ergonomic styluses to students and teachers alike.

After spending decades practicing their penmanship with everyday Bic promotional pens, students are now developing their writing skills using these technological devices. In addition to handwriting, the digital tablets also motivate students to learn and explore new subjects due to the tablets’ interactive applications.

BIC Education includes applications that make it easy to create and share educational materials with students on the digital tablets in real time. The teacher can also follow the progress of each student in a simple and dynamic manner and even analyze their deductive reasoning skills. Additionally, teachers and instructors are able to better maintain control over their classrooms using the new devices.

The BIC® Education software program is mobile and can be shared among multiple classrooms within the same school system, benefiting all students – not just a select few. It offers a turnkey and interactive educational experience that promises to motivate students to learn and grow. At the same time, students are encouraged to master the basic skills such as writing, reading and arithmetic.

Designed in collaboration with Intel, the BIC Education solution enables instructors and teachers to track children’s progress and learning development. Penmanship skills can be monitored with the new technology, allowing teachers to follow learning progression. Learning to write well is not a lost art, apparently, as the educational tool focuses on developing this important skill along with other deductive reasoning tasks.

The new tool was first introduced in primary schools in France, where BIC is headquartered. It then was offered to French-speaking schools in Quebec, Canada.

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