A Guide to Fleet Insurance for Company Cars

Do you use vehicles in the everyday running of your small business? If so, taking out a fleet insurance policy for all of your vehicles is far superior choice than insuring each of those vehicles individually. Not only does it simplify the whole insurance process, but it also saves valuable money for you and your business.


Fleet Insurance Explained


Unlike single vehicle insurance policies, a fleet van insurance policy effectively covers a large number of individual vehicles under just one policy. With a fleet insurance policy, your small business will pay only one annual premium that in effect will cover all of the vehicles used within your business. Furthermore a fleet insurance policy will allow you to arrange cover so that every one of your business’ drivers will legally be able to drive any one of your vehicles.


Types of Insurance and Benefits


As with any brand of motor insurance, there are different types of insurance policy available to you and these are pretty similar to the options available on a conventional car insurance policy. Third party only cover will of course only cover damages incurred to other, not to your own vehicles. If one of your fleet is stolen or is involved in an accident, you will still have to pay all of the costs of getting your vehicle repaired. And of course, in order to be covered for everything, you will still need a comprehensive policy. So in terms of the policy itself, fleet insurance is pretty standard. However where it does differ from standard insurance is on price and on simplicity. To insure all of your vehicles under a fleet insurance policy is far cheaper than insuring each vehicle individually. Secondly, the burden of managing numerous insurance policies can put a fair amount of unnecessary strain on your administrative staff. Therefore, in order to save money and make life a little easier, fleet van insurance is a great idea for anyone using multiple vans in their small business.


Want To Know More?


For many reasons, fleet insurance is a sensible choice for businesses. So if you would like to receive some more in-depth information, or if you and your company are considering taking out a fleet insurance policy, a good place to get started is at


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